Workers Sport Activity Enhancement through Online Competitions

Workers Sport Activity Enhancement through Online Competitions

Mr. Javad Ramzi, FAWSI President stated that besides all the complications and limitations raised by Corona Virus, FAWSI tried to set new strategies with alternative approaches in order to create dynamism in a workers society.

He also added that we are organizing darts in both women and men section and we aim to organize online karate, chess and Peytanque (shooting) till the end of this month. The top athletes will receive awards in cash.

He noted that online competitions were well praised by athletes and great number of workers participated in these activities and this new experience will continue even after Corona.


FAWSI President mentioned that in line with organizing online sport activities, FAWSI will also follows cultural and educational issues and courses online in order not to face difficulties in continuing its activities and goals.

May 17, 2020 13:09


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