Iran- Russia to Exchange Workforce

Iran- Russia to Exchange Workforce Iranian side is ready to start talks on a draft agreement for exchange of workforce, to be proposed by Russia.

Iran- Russia to Exchange Workforce  Iranian side is ready to start talks on a draft agreement for exchange of workforce, to be proposed by Russia.

Iran- Russia to Exchange Workforce

Iranian side is ready to start talks on a draft agreement for exchange of workforce, to be proposed by Russia.
The Iranian Minister of Cooperatives, Labour and Social Welfare, Mohammad Shariatmadari, in a video conference with the Minister of Labour and Social Protection of Russian Federation, Anton Kotyakov, making a reference to the Coronavirus developed by Russia and the start of public vaccination, expressed hope that Covid-19 pandemic would be soon under control in the whole world and the two countries of Iran and Russia and the negotiation of both countries could lead to the wellbeing of the Iranian and Russian people.
Also, emphasizing the need to implement the MOU of cooperation 2015 signed by the two countries, setting up the joint committee of cooperation at the earliest possible and on virtual basis, exchange of social regulations of both sides, development and adoption of 2-year joint plan of action, making decision on social security agreement provided by the Iranian side to the Russian side and obtaining the public agreement on exchange of workforce by the Russian side and making decision on signing the same were among the key subjects underscored during the meeting.
Shariatmadari said: “The two countries political- regional cooperation is ongoing at a promising level and by creating basic infrastructures on areas related to labour and social welfare, we try to further set the stage for development of economic, social and cultural relations of the two countries.”
In view of the willingness of the Russian side to implement the MOU 2015, he suggested the joint working committee be established on virtual basis to negotiate labour relations, migration of workforce, social insurance and pension, and technical and vocational training and proceeding with preparing a 2-year joint plan of action between Iran and Russia.
Recalling the visit of the chair of the Iranian social security organization to Russia and presenting the draft social security cooperation agreement to the Russian side, he said: “We hope the social security cooperation agreement with the Russian side be finalized and ready to sign. Also, to exchange workforce, we ask the Russian side to send its draft agreement at the earliest for us to start talks in this regard.”
Anton Kotyakov expressed his pleasure on this visit and said: “Expansion of bilateral relation is very important for us. Currently, a lot of coordination and talks are continuing between the two sides. Furthermore, there is a very good collaboration on regional and global issue between the two countries”
The Russian Minister of Labour and Social Protection reiterated: “The MOU 2015 signed by the two Ministries is focused on topics such as social issues, social welfare and labour. Subjects, including exchange of workforce, development of labour relations and migration of workforce are among other issues under the above MOU.”
He expressed readiness of Russian side to organize the joint working group on virtual basis and said: “A delegation from the labour ministry of the Russian Federation was supposed to visit Tehran during spring 2020, which was cancelled due to outbreak of covid-19. We can work on the joint plan of action within the framework of the meeting of the joint working group and sign it accordingly. In the same context, the regulations on social domains could be shared between the two countries. Therefore, we are ready to study the social security agreement. I suggest asking our working groups today to finalize and sign the joint plan of action before the end of the first quarter of 2021.”
Regarding the cooperation agreement on workforce, he said: “At present, there is a conceptual plan in the Russian Federation as part of the federal law, to be amended, that fully affect the policy on migration. I suggest that the issues related to migration of workforce be discussed after passing the above federal law.”
The Russian Minister of Labour and Social Protection appreciated the invitation extended by the Iranian Minister and said: “I will visit the beautiful Iran when coronavirus restrictions are lifted.”
Inviting the Iranian Minister, Mr. Shariatmadari, to visit Russia, he expressed hope that all joint cooperation plans and grounds between the two Ministries could be realized during 2021.

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