Introducing the managers


Mohammad Reza Yousefi

Mohammad Reza Yousefi

General manager

Direct telephone: 33454969

Fax: 33444026

Deputy Director General

 طیب جعفری Tayeb Jafari

Director of Entrepreneurship and Employment

Direct telephone: 33442214

Fax: 33457612



Hooman Hope

Hooman Omidvar

Director of labor relations

Direct telephone: 33451025

Fax: 33451025

Muhammad Ja'far Rouhani

Muhammad Ja'far Rouhani

Support Manager and

human recourse devlopment

Direct telephone: 33446900

Fax: 33446900

Ali clears me Ali Pakmanesh

Cooperative Co-Director

Direct telephone: 33442215

Fax: 33442215

Morteza Baniadi

Morteza Bonyadi

Social Affairs Manager

Direct telephone: 33468004

Fax: 33468004

Security office

Mousavi Pour

Seyyed Alireza Mousavi Pour

Head of the Security Office

Direct telephone: 33444911

Fax: 33444911


Abyei Robab Robab Ayazi

Head of IT Department, Budget and Administrative Transformation

Direct telephone: 33465434


Responsible for the secretariat of the working group


Direct telephone: 33454290

Seyed Masoumeh Mousavi

Seyedeh Masoumeh Mousavi

Head of the Department of Entrepreneurship Development

Direct telephone: 33467970

Fax: 33467970

Mahnaz Ahmadi

Mahnaz Ahmadi

Head of the Office of Labor Relations

Direct telephone: 33454970

Mehdi Lotfifar

Mehdi Lotfifar

Head of the Office of Labor Inspection

Direct telephone: 33457611


Sajjad Mahlaghloo

Sajjad ojaghloo

Head of Sustainability Management

Occupations and unemployment insurance

Phone: 33441282

Internal: 203

Zeinab Adib



Zeinab Adibtanha

Head of the Department of Labor and Employer Associations

Direct telephone: 33449478

محمدرضا رهروی


Mohammad Reza Rahravi

Head of Employment Office

And guiding labor

Phone: 33467970

Ali karimi


Ali karimi

Head of affairs and support

Phone: 33442741

Internal: 252

Shine 2



Razieh Derakhshesh

Head of the Ministry of Finance

Direct telephone: 33459800




Head of the Department of Cooperative Development

Phone: 33442741

Internal: 205


Kamran Azari

Kamran Azari

Supervisor of Cooperative Supervision Department

Phone: 33460068

Internal: 259

Seyyed Hossein Mousavi

Seyyed Hossein Mousavi

Head of cooperative organizations

Phone: 33442741

Internal: 234

Mokarrameh Bahrami

Chief of Social Affairs

Direct telephone: 33454973

Hajar Taromi



Hajar Taromi

Head of the Insurance Department and

Social harm

Direct telephone: 33454973


Mehdi Asghari

Mehdi Asghari

Legal Affairs Officer

Phone: 33447666

Inside: 218



Rasool Ahadi

Head of Public Relations

Phone: 33460065

Fax: 33460065


Robab Ayazi

Responsible for statistics, performance appraisal and complaint handling

Phone: 33465434

Heads of subsidiary county offices

Ismail Aghajanlu

Ismail Aghajanluo

Head of the Department of Co-operation, Labor and Social Welfare of Zanjan City

Direct telephone: 33454974

Fax: 33459996

Ali Allah Kordlu

Mohammad Ali Anbari

Chief of Abhar Abhar Social Co-operation and Social Welfare Co-operation

Direct telephone: 35224570

Fax: 35223070




Yousef dawoodi

Head of the Office for Cooperative Work and Social Welfare of Khodabandeh

Direct telephone: 34224922

Fax: 34226281

Babylon Ghasemlou

  Babollah Ghasemlou

Head of the Department of Social Work and Social Welfare of ijrood

Direct telephone: 36722287

Fax: 3672293

حبیب اله مقدم


Habibollah Moghaddam

Head of the Office of Cooperative Work and Social Welfare of Khoramdar Township

Direct telephone: 35536143

Fax: 35530044




Jamaluddin Moradi

Head of the Department for Social Work and Social Welfare of Mahneshan

Direct telephone: 36223097

Fax: 36223096



  yaghoub Bigglar

Head of the Department of Social Work and Social Welfare Co-operative of Soltanieh

Direct telephone: 35824772

Fax: 35824772

Mohammad Hassan Hosseini


Seyyed Mohammad Hassan Hosseini

Head of the Department of Social Work and Social Welfare of Tarom City

Direct telephone: 32824393

Fax: 32824393

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